1. SkillEd India is the Knowledge and implementation partner of Association of Healthcare Providers (India) for conducting COVID Frontline worker training across fifty-five hospitals of India with an aim to train more than 3000 candidates.
  2. Under this Program, the trainees have enrolled for the Advanced Care Support, Basic Care Support and Home Care support job roles .The classes in the hospitals are conducted by experienced and professional nurses with more than 1000 hours of clinical and training experience. With fresh candidates eager to enter the healthcare sector, the classes in the hospitals are divided into three sessions – the theory session with the trainer, the self-learning online session filled with videos related to their job role, and the practical session at the hospital setting where trainees, under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals, observe and demonstrate the skills they have learned.
  3. To support the training demand from the hospitals, SkillEd India has created an online learning portal for the trainees and trainers. The online portal is based on the Kunskapsskolan (KED) Learning Methodology from Sweden and has been created in international consultation with Global Healthcare College Sweden. The portal, available in English and Hindi and operable on computer and mobile, hosts more than 100 videos and learning resources to help the trainee understand the job role content. The trainer portal on the other hand contains lesson plans for a 21-day program filled with discussion questions and suggested activities for the trainees.
  4. To support the administrative needs of the hospitals, SkillEd India has provided round-the-clock administrative support right from organizing mobilization drives to organizing assessments of the trainees.
  5. To mobilize candidates across India, online workshops and sessions were organized by SkillEd India on behalf of AHPI in association with NSDC to create enthusiasm in hospitals, nursing institutes and trainees for this program.