After a number of successful teacher training workshops conducted in the past for the vocational teachers of Haryana government schools, another comprehensive KED Training Program was organized by SkillEd India, Powered by KEDMAN Skilling Pvt. Ltd. in early July, 2022.

The first phase of training was organized in Government Senior Secondary School, Sec 4/7, Gurugram on Saturday, July 02, 2022. The second phase was delivered at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, NIT 03, Faridabad. 28 vocational teachers from 11 Government Schools participated in the program.

The training program was focused on familiarizing the new vocational teachers with KED Methodology and an effective use of the online learning portal. The older vocational teachers who have been a part of this online teaching-learning experience, shared their encounters and thoughts on the impact of the learning portal on a student-centric learning approach and teacher development.

Experiential learning session was conducted through variety of activities to affirm the KED methodology based on Bloom’s taxonomy, blended learning model and learning portal navigation. Discussions with the participants on their idea of a teacher as a facilitator rather than an instructor in the learning process and on the modern approach of student-centric teaching-learning process were done elaborately.

The teachers were encouraged to inform students to use the learning portal to achieve outcomes on their learning objectives.

With confidence, the teachers aim to implement the concepts taught in their own teaching methods. They aim to generate active student engagement in their classrooms.

All participating teachers and school Principals were given Certificate of Participation and Certification of Appreciation, respectively.