SkillEd India facilitated one-day industry training sessions, spread over three days, in partnership with Oriflame India Private Limited. Oriflame Sweden, as part of its CSR activity, has sponsored two schools in Haryana under the SkillEd Project. They further enthusiastically joined hands with SkillEd India in enhancing the capabilities and industry knowledge of vocational trainers from the Beauty & Wellness and Retail sector.

More than 450 vocational trainers from all the districts of Haryana attended the training, which was conducted in August 2019.

On the first day, the training happened at the campus of Manav Rachna University, Faridabad and the inauguration was addressed by Dr N.C. Wadhwa, Director General MREI, Mr. Rajiv Mathur, CEO SkillEd India and Mr. Jatin Gupta, Senior Area Manager, Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd. The venue for the other two days was Kunskapsskolan School in Gurgaon.

On the second day, Mr. Vivek Katoch, Director Corporate Affairs – South Asia, Oriflame India also addressed the audience. There was a different set of teachers that attended each day of the training.

Objective of the Training

The training was an industry exposure, the first of its kind for Vocational Teachers, in order to strengthen their skills and capabilities and provide the right tools for better delivery of vocational training to their students.

The training focused on two aspects. With Oriflame’s speciality being wellness, beauty and the direct selling method, the training involved instructing teachers in grooming and professional skills, beauty academy, skin care and wellness, and to have practical sessions on beauty therapies to demonstrate the accurate and professional techniques of skin care, client care and client consultancy. The other aspect was to familiarise them with new approaches to retailing and extend the learning beyond the textbook knowledge.

Besides this, there was also a short module on pedagogy, facilitated by SkillEd trainers. This included a brief on the SkillEd Project and its importance, basics of KED Methodology and a demonstration of the Learning Portal and its navigation.

Reflections and Predicted Outcome

The training program was conducted successfully and participants left on a positive note, leaving great feedback for the training modules and sharing their willingness to attend more of such sessions in the future. Participants were awarded certificates at the end of the training and also received a gift hamper from Oriflame.

It is expected that the vocational trainers will take the learning from these sessions to the students in their respective schools and this, in turn, will raise the standards of student achievement and promote high-quality teaching and learning in schools, enabling learners to become more engaged and motivated. It is also expected that the introductory session on KED Methodology will enable teachers to help students excel and find opportunities in the relevant industry. Such industry trainings will help bridge the industry-academia gap.