SkillEd India, in its mission to empower the youth, and to make vocational education more effective, has designed a digital vocational curriculum based on the Swedish KED teaching-learning Methodology. The KED Methodology is a unique concept for achieving personalised education. It puts the student at the centre. The student is provided with various learning strategies to support the learning and achieve goals that he sets for himself with the teacher. Regular coaching, self-assessment through the learning portal, and feedback help the student understand the areas of improvement and enhance his performance. In this entire process, the teacher is an integral part of everything, who mentors, facilitates the learning by providing the student with the right resources, a constructive feedback and ultimately helps the student achieve the goals.

The vocational curriculum has been designed for three sectors – Retail, Beauty and Wellness and IT & ITeS for government schools for grades 9-12. This platform is a learner friendly and engaging resource for the students to enhance their skill set and take responsibility of their learning process. The learning portal has resources such as videos, audios, slideshows and other interactive exercises.

For this, KEDMAN labs, which are fully equipped computer labs have been set up in government schools in different districts of Haryana by SkillEd India. These labs have the support of corporate players like Oriflame, Orient Electric, Sony, Honda as well as the National Skill Development Corporation.

To facilitate the implementation of this curriculum through the labs, SkillEd India has organised many trainings for vocational teachers since the inception of the school project. The trainings are aimed at enabling vocational teachers to understand about the new methodology, the blended learning model and the relevance of the project.

First Phase of Training – March 2018

The first phase of training was organised in March 2018 at the Kunskapsskolan School campus in Gurgaon. Around 200 vocational teachers from 100 government schools of Haryana were invited for the training to Gurgaon and arrangements for their stay and meals were made. The training was spread over five days. The training covered pedagogical aspects as well as technical aspects and comprised of the following modules:

  • Understanding the Paradigm Shift from Teacher-Centric to Learner-Centric Classrooms
  • Instructional Methodologies that can be used in a learner-centric classroom
  • How students learn
  • KED Methodology
  • The three Domains of Learning
  • Learning Objectives and their Purpose
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and its Application
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Introduction to the Learning Portal

The training sessions for pedagogy were conducted by KED Methodology experts and facilitated by the SkillEd India team that demonstrated the new SkillEd learning portal to the teachers and also helped them navigate through the portal.

The training was interactive and received immense participation and applause from all the teachers. On the last day of the training, the teachers received certificates of participation and handouts that summarised all the modules covered under the training, to carry back with them for future reference.