Neeraj Singh

Graphic Designer and Reviewer

A graphic designer experienced in the conceptualisation of design, creative writing, voiceover recordings, acting, storyboarding and camera handling. Neeraj leads in the development and implementation of ideas in digital storytelling, using creative and detail-oriented designs. She takes a bundle of essential information and uses design to make it audience-appropriate and comprehensible. By virtue of her exemplary leadership skills, Neeraj was honoured with the “Lead by Example” Award by the organisation in 2019.

Neeraj is a Postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies. She started her career with ‘Townglow Media Organisation’ where she researched potential news stories and evaluated news leads to develop story ideas. During her time at the University, Neeraj was involved in reporting on Signature Bridge and also created her own magazine named ‘Reflections’.